Training and Certification

Conducts assessments of seafarers to ensure that they have the acquired acceptable standards of skills and competence to perform required tasks on board ships. Assessments and oral examinations for officers sitting for the various classes of CoCs (Certificate of Competency) are conducted.

The CoCs issued by the Marine Department are in full compliance with the requirements set under the STCW 78 (as amended), STCW 95 and other Non-STCW standards. To qualify holders of CoCs for sea services, these documents must be valid or re-validated every 5 years (after passing medical, period of sea service, additional training if required).

The Marine Department issues endorsements to seafarers (who have completed specialised training, and met other requirements as may be prescribed) to work on specialised ships which require such endorsements.

The Unit works parallel with the national maritime training institution(s) in assessing and approving training programmes for limited classes of CoCs and STCW ancillary courses.

Upgrading courses are available at the approved maritime training institute and candidates are subject to verification of sea services and other requirements to satisfy entry processes.

The Marine Department recognises CoCs issued by states listed under the so-called ‘White List’. Other states not on the list will be assessed on a case by case for approval and recognition. Application of Certificate of Recognition/Endorsement are processed depending on type of engagement as follows:

  1. Foreign company with ships flying the Kiribati flags trading or fishing on international waters:
  • Kiribati Ship Registry
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  1. Domestic company with ships flying the Kiribati flags trading or fishing within the Kiribati waters:
  • Seafarer and Fisher Licensing
  • (Web link and email to be finalised)

Registration of Seafarers and Fishers

All Kiribati seafarers and fishers must hold a Discharge Book to be registered. All particulars of maritime trainings completed and sea services obtained must be officially recorded in the Discharge Book, officially endorsed by Ship Masters or Company’s authorised officials and the Marine Department respectively.

Ship Masters, Shipowners and Recruiting Agents are strongly advised to make proper use of the Discharge Book and provide assistance as appropriate to avoid unnecessary delays in future training and certification of any individual.

All foreign seafarers and fishers holding a certificate of recognition or endorsement issued by the Marine Department are registered. In the event of authentication, updated profiles will be viewed by administrations, authorities and others, upon request by email or directly online (online verification to be finalized).


MPA institutions for SSO course

  • ST Education and Training Pte Ltd
  • Wavelink Maritime International Pte Ltd
  • Lloyds Register Asia
  • ABS Consulting, Asia Pacific, Singapore
  • Singapore Maritime Academy – CISCO
  • Marcor Group, Denmark
  • Seagull AS
  • Videotel Marine International

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