It is responsible for the prevention of Marine Pollution in Kiribati waters, EEZ and also to implement the MARPOL Convention with its Annexes which Kiribati is Party to, ( Port States & Flag States Domestically and Flag States Internationally).

LEGAL:   Maritime Act 2017, MARPOL Regulation, NATPLAN

To preserve Kiribati clean marine environment, in the lagoon and ocean, EEZ free from plastic, oil.

Dumping of Oil and Plastic and Garbage is prohibited under the Maritime Act 2017 and the MARPOL Regulation.

In the case of

  • Oil Spill in Kiribati waters
  • Dumping of Plastic and Garbage from International Vessels, Domestic vessels including Lagoon transport
  • Discharge of ballast water from Foreign vessels
  • Hull scraping and cleaning
  • Inform the Marine Guard of the incident, quantity and location/position and take as much photos as possible of the spill / dumpimg and where it comes from (name of polluter) 

Contact: Marine Guard, Tarawa 24/7 watch, VHF 16, HF 6215 khz,  phone no. 1050 / 751 26512

NATPLAN reflects the essential steps to initiate, conduct and terminate an emergency marine spill response in Kiribati.


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