Roles & Objectives

AtoN unit is responsible for installing and maintaining all Aids to Navigations (AtoNs) such as Navigation lights, Beacons, Buoys, Day markers and Towers. As well as upgrading Boat Passages throughout Kiribati, Lines and Phoenix Groups with the Aim to Enhance Safety of Navigation and to Ensure all AtoNs are in good and efficient order for the ability of vessels to navigate safely in and around the islands through safe shipping and protection of marine environment. 


  • Aids to Navigation DB (names, locations, photos, zones) 
  • Boat Passage & Channels
  • Dometic Ship Policing (information)



The policing of domestic vessels is conducted to the registered domestic vessel in respect of which a license is held to engage in the near coastal trade and the vessel is registered in the port of Tarawa Kiribati.

This is to ensure the requirements are met by the Masters for the safety of the vessel, persons onboard and the marine environment before departure. This is carried out one hour before the ship sails and one hour during the ship’s arrival.

A vessel shall not go to see unless the Marine Checker has issue the Marine Clearance form.

Maritime Safety Information (MSI)

  • The MSI Service is the internationally and nationally coordinated network of broadcasts containing urgent information which is necessary for safe navigation, received in ships by equipment which automatically monitors the appropriate transmissions, displays information which is relevant to the ship and provides a print capability. It is also to provide the mariner with information related to navigational and meteorological warnings, meteorological forecasts and other urgent safety-related messages. The provision of MSI makes available to mariners, prior to and during voyages, information that improves their situational awareness and assists with safety of navigation. The promulgation of MSI is defined in SOLAS chapter IV, as part of the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) and in resolution A.705(17), as amended, on Promulgation of Maritime Safety Information. SOLAS regulations V/4 through V/7 govern the Contracting Government's responsibilities with regards to providing MSI.
  •  Kiribati has her own National MSI Coordinator whom he disseminates issues on Navigational warnings which affect the safety of Navigation within Kiribati waters via email through Navarea Coordinator XI (Japan) for Kiribati Group, Navearea Coordinator XII (USA) for Line Group, and Navearea Coordinator XIV (NZ) for Phoenix Group for promulgating MSI through SafetyNet.

  • Local promulgation of Navigational and Met warnings are made by Marine Guard Tarawa and Kiritimati Radios on Very High Frequency (VHF) Channel 16 and High Frequency (HF) on 6251.0 Khz to all mariners navigating within Kiribati, Line and Phoenix waters.



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National MSI Coordinator

Office Phone No: 686 74026003 ext: 232

Mobile Phone No: 686 73022727

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